The Essentials

We create truly valuable member benefits programs through our services tailored to the specific needs of the host Association. Our “member-centric model” focuses on providing members with more than simply “a discount” on credit card processing.

We know that Association offerings must be:
   - extraordinarily strong.
   - delivered comprehensively to every member.
   - have high member participation to be successful.

The member must feel that they have access to extraordinary solutions at their disposal due exclusively to their Association membership. We believe that is how Association value and loyalty is created.

Our success comes from the bottom up.

What we'll ask of the parent Association

  Announce our services to your Association's membership

Common methods are word of mouth, email blast, addition to news letters or feeds, notices on websites, etc. Associations have found that a combination or all of these methods are most effective.

  Help set the members expectations for engagement

Encourage members to allow us to evaluate their current card processing program so that we may supply them with a cost reduction analysis and make efficiency recommendations. This is done so the member can be made fully aware of the value of the Association backed program in comprehensive and measurable terms.

Once the assocation membership is aware of our services, we go to work

We contact each and every Association member

Our associates contact members and schedule a discovery evaluation to understand how they currently process card transactions by requesting recent monthly processing statements - to accurately understand their current program.

We provide detailed feedback and a cost savings plan to the member

Will provide the member with a “cost reduction analysis” specific to their business, along with suggestions pertaining to efficiency. We will explain the Association’s program in detail in direct comparison to their current program. We will answer questions and provide solutions.

We support a smooth conversion for participating members

For members that are interested in participating, we will help them with a smooth conversion to the Association’s program.

Follow up with member after a month to review results

For participating members, after their first full month of processing, we will contact them to review the results of the program and clearly point out the resulting advantages. We will make certain that the Association members understand that the positive results are due exclusively to their Association membership. “Don’t thank us, thank your Association”. We will then ask them if they are willing to stand as a reference for the Association’s program

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